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It is not a stretch to say that mustaches for "people like me" are unpopular.

Sure, some truckers have them. Policemen. Firemen. Some older men with gray mustaches wear them with confidence. The young urban caucasian male may have an ironic mustache. Well groomed mustaches are still popular for middle class men of African and Latino descent.

But middle-aged, middle-class caucasian father working downtown? Nope. I figured I would stand out to pretty much everyone I saw. 

So, I decided to wear one. 

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I'm always looking to improve myself. I'm constantly trying out ways to stay productive and positive. Each day, I make an effort to do the things I can to reach my potential as a good and helpful person. 

Occasionally though, I let my circumstances get the better of my emotions. For moments like these, I have always employed the coping mechanisms I learned as a kid. Shut up in case you say something you can't take back. Walk away if you feel you're going to react in anger.

Lately, I've been using this new method (I call it the 5 Minute Attitude Adjustment) in conjunction with a "deep thought" from one of my phone meditations. The idea was "what you think, you become."

I took that to mean, focusing on an attitude attribute (and repeating it, while trying to embody the characteristic) would eventually lead my countenance in that direction. To my perception of feelings, it works.

It started out with one word. When I would let something rile me, I'd repeat the word "calm" in my head for a minute or two and I would eventually calm down.

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Not a list of the best books I read this year. Just a list of the books I read, period. Favorites incude the Dan Roam books, the Negotiation series, the Gino Wickman books with the Entrepreneurial Operating System, and Cheap.


Today's mobile phone meditation is of the garden variety children's advice. "Failure teaches us how to succeed." I sometimes get a little frustrated momentarily when the concepts are so seemingly accessible. Do I really need seven minutes to think about, "If, at first, you don't succeed, try, try again?"

Still, It's old and often passed along advice for a reason. It reminds us to be brave and not let fear of failure to prevent us from trying things out of our comfort zone.

I feel like I parrot a lot of what Seth Godin says but this reminded me of the intro to his book, "The Icarus Deception." In it, he writes of people confusing their personal "safety zone" with their "comfort zone." Something to keep in mind today.

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