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As it is every "on again, off again" blogger's ritual, the turning of the calendar to a new year means re-dedication to more steady and meaningful writing and publishing. It is a sad cliché but I'll admit that I'm no different as of today. And just as I've fallen into the common blogging no-no of failing to post regularly, I'm going to break another rule and lay out the plans I have for the foreseeable blogging future. 

New Categories for the Blog

I'm not someone who lacks for ideas. The hardest part of my day is not finding the desire or the energy to do big things. Whether I'm pursuing the knowledge and skills of programming, sales & marketing, music, photography, video, or refining my abilities with language and people, there is always much to keep me inspired. The challenge has always been to narrow focus into priorities and follow through amid external (and internal) skepticism. By creating a blog structure using these new categories, I'll be able to satisfy my curiosities for different pursuits while also focusing on a consistent and repeating process to keep me on track. 

The first new category is Use it or Lose It. The idea for Use it or Lose It is that I use the blog to explore and apply lessons learned in training sessions, online classes, reading books, web articles and blogs. 

The second new category is Unsolicited Testimonials. Just like it sounds, this category contains articles about the tools and services I use from brands I trust. I want to share these as recommendations for people looking to solve process problems and give a hat tip to these companies that deserve some recognition. 

The third new category is Not Bad (But Not a Customer). I often enounter products or services from brands that impress me but, for some reason, I don't actually become a customer. Whether I don't need their product (yet), the price doesn't make sense for me or I'm not their ideal customer, I thought it best to separate any product/service/brand reviews by whether I am actually a customer versus not. 

Ok, that's it for now. Next week's blog will be another in the One Week series where I explore a new musical instrument for the first time. Check back on January 11th to read how my exploration into the world of the Tin Whistle goes.