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as-you-sow-600hI'm a pretty positive guy.

I like to think I take bad news in stride and I'm excellent at dealing with work pressure. I love the challenge of project deadlines and the look on people's faces when my team exceeds expectations. 

There are times though when the things out of your control make you a little tense. Things like rumors of reorganization at work, uncertainty about a new boss or a new job responsibility can induce some serious stress.

I had such a phase at work last year and it was very unwelcome. I felt distracted and frustrated so I started looking for ways to disarm the stress.

After watching Sean Achor's TED talk about the Happiness Advantage, I thought I'd give meditation a try. 

Turns out, meditation doesn't have to be full of confusing foreign words, impossible to grasp concepts or uncomfortable sitting positions. For me, meditation just became a few moments each day to contemplate a thought outside the normal routine of my responsibilities. My train ride for work presented itself as the perfect time so I began with Dharma Meditation Trainer on my Verizon Nexus.  


Yeah, the app gives you an interesting thought to reflect on and a timer to know when you're done. It can even start put your phone into Airplane mode so you won't be disturbed. They start with relatively accessible ideas like "As you sow, so you reap" and they get more complex to decipher what they mean to you. 

I've found that it can help direct my attention and funnel frustration back into a positive direction.